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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Becoming the Best Possible Neighbour

In Lovely Farm, as in many Facebook Farming Simulation Games, there are a number of different purposes that a Neighbour can serve where any Player is concerned. In Lovely Farm, these are as follows:

1. Specific Neighbour Totals are required for certain Farm Upgrades, allowing a Player to pay for the expansion with Coins instead of Diamonds.

2. Any Neighbour can send 15 Free Gifts per day. 1 Free Gift per day can be sent to any Neighbour or Friend.

3. A Player can visit the Farm of any Neighbour/Friend once each day to earn Coins and XP by chasing off pests and if possible, watering 3 Crops and fertilising 3 Crops.

In some cases, a Player who sends an Invitation to another Player to become a Neighbour simply wishes to meet total Neighbour requirements for a farm upgrade, but in most cases, the Player will hope for regular Gift exchanges and the ability to earn XP and Coins by working on his/her Neighbours' farms.

When exchanging Free Gifts with any Neighbour, those at low levels will have fewer choices than those who are at high levels. Players at low levels usually want items that have not been unlocked yet in their own Gift List. A Player at high levels therefore is best advised to send the highest level of Gift he/she has unlocked.

The biggest question, often one in real life as well as in any Game like Lovely Farm probably is: What should a Player send as a Gift to some one who HAS everything?

The complete Gift List, including the value of each item in terms of Yield (if applicable), XP Gain, Charm Gain, value when sold and level at which it is unlocked, is given in another section of this Guide.

At very low levels, Players need regular sources of income more than anything else. At higher levels, although one still may need money, one needs XP Gain more. At each successive Level, a larger amount of XP will be required to reach the next Level. I have listed all Gifts below with those that give the highest XP first and those that give the least XP last.

The most basic act for any Friend who wishes to help another in Lovely Farm is simply to accept the Invitation to become a Neighbour. If you can access the game regularly to send Free Gifts to your Neighbours, that will make you a better Neighbour. Even when a Neighbour does not access the game, however, other Players can visit his/her farm daily to gain +20 Coins and +5 XP by clicking 'Help' to rid his/her Neighbour of the pests who currently infest the farm. You therefore can do some good for your Friends simply by keeping the application even if you are not interested in playing.

In some Facebook Farming Games, such as Farmville and Fantasy Kingdoms, any Square that has been tilled can be fertilised by a Neighbour to earn points. In Lovely Farm, this is NOT the case. It is only when viable Crops have been planted that a Neighbour can fertilise or water them. Watering can be performed only once on any Crop after it reaches 50% growth and before it attains 100% growth. You then can obtain +5 Coins and +1 XP Gain for each Crop Watered or Fertilised on a Neighbour's Farm. There is a limit of three for each action. As any Neighbour at best can water three Crops and fertilise only three Crops, the total gain in XP and Coins is not that much more than the initial gain for 'helping'.

Sending a Free Gift daily to a Neighbour is more significant.

When a new Player visits the Farm of a high-level Player, he/she may think there is no room for any more items and this may be true. That does NOT mean that you should not send any Gifts, however. As discussed previously, high-level Players need XP (Experience Points) desperately as reaching the next Level of Experience becomes increasingly difficult at high levels. Players therefore should send the Gift with the most XP. Generally speaking, this will be the Gift that he/she unlocked most recently.

The Free Gift with the highest XP value is the Milk Cow with 100 XP. It is the most desirable Gift for low-level Players and high-level Players alike, as it provides a Harvest Revenue of 176 Coins every two days for Players at low rank. Even if a Neighbour has no space for another Milk Cow, however, he/she can place it temporarily to gain 100 XP and then store or sell it.

Players at Levels below Level 10 serve their low-level Neighbours best for the most part by sending Ostriches or Pigs. An Ostrich yields Revenue of 30 Coins daily and can be sold for 40 Coins. The Pig yields a Revenue of 60 Coins every four days and likewise can be sold for 40 Coins. You therefore actually gain more Revenue from the Ostrich than the Pig. The XP gain is rather low in comparison with Gifts unlocked at higher Levels.

Where Free Gifts are concerned, XP Gain results when the player who receives the Gift places it on his/her Farm. If a Player has no space for the Gift or does not wish to keep it on the land, he/she then can store or sell it. Removing an Item from the land will result in a deduction to Charm value but it will not decrease XP obviously.

The XP Gains for all Free Gifts are as follows:

100 XP:
Milk Cow (Free)

75 XP
Peach Tree (Free)

50 XP:
Banana Tree (Free)
Horse (Free)

40 XP:
Avocado Tree (Free)
Rickety Table (Free)

28 XP
Antique Bench (Free)

24 XP:
Wooden Bench (Free)

16 XP:
Bench (Free) (backless)
Sheaf of Wheat (Free)

14 XP:
Bench (Free)
Forest Bench (Free)

10 XP:
Olive Tree (Free)
Ostrich (Free)
Pig (Free)

4 XP:
Orange (Free)

Here are the XP Gains for Paid Gifts as given by the game itself. There appears to be an enormous discrepancy between the Rabbit and the Lamb, both purchased for 5 Diamonds. According to the game description, one will receive 840 XP for the Lamb but only 400 XP for the Rabbit when placed. If you SELL these items after receiving them, you will obtain only 10 Coins for the Rabbit but 400 Coins for the Lamb. I can't believe this is correct but true confirmation would be possible only if I actually sold both items. When I access the 'Sell' Option, the official figures given are those I have noted here:

840 XP
Lamb (5 Diamonds)

600 XP
Field Beehive (6000 Coins)

400 XP
Rabbit (5 Diamonds)

220 XP
Peacock (2200 Coins)

80 XP
Pink Smiley (1 Diamond)
Orange Smiley (1 Diamond)
Red Smiley (1 Diamond)

60 XP
Blooming Tea Roses (600 Coins)
Blooming White Roses (600 Coins)
Blooming Pink Roses (600 Coins)

50 XP
Rose Bush (500 Coins)
14 XP
Little Table (150 Coins)

For those players who need money more than XP Gains, it may be useful to compare the values of the Free Gifts and Paid Gifts in terms of their Yield and the number of Coins gained if the item is sold.

Coin Values of Free Gifts:

600 Coins
Field Beehive (6000 Coins)

400 Coins
Lamb (5 Diamonds)

80 Coins:
Pink Smiley (1 Diamond)
Orange Smiley (1 Diamond)
Red Smiley (1 Diamond)

220 Coins
Peacock (2200 Coins)

60 Coins
Blooming Tea Roses (600 Coins)
Blooming White Roses (600 Coins)
Blooming Pink Roses (600 Coins)

50 Coins
Rose Bush (500 Coins)

15 Coins:
Little Table (150 Coins)

10 Coins:
Rabbit (5 Diamonds)

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