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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Beyond 'Lovely' to Gorgeous...

Having high-Level Neighbours in any Farming Simulation game can prompt a variety of emotions, including envy. One of the positive emotions it can elicit is to inspire a player to double his/her efforts to reach similar levels. Seeing how beautiful high-Level items have been used in landscaping on a Neighbour's farm is far more impressive than simply viewing a little picture of an item displayed in the local Market or Shop.

Here then are some screenshots of a few high-Level Farms that go beyond Lovely to Gorgeous.

One has the opportunity to 'help' all Neighbours in Lovely Farm once each day. Although there are financial advantages and an increase in XP when you help any Neighbour, another advantage is the ability to view beautiful Farms with items that you have not been able to unlock yet in your own game.

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